Efergy Products Now Available

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Efergy Products Now Available

Efergy is a global manufacturer of energy saving products.

Their flagship product range is our easy-to-use wireless electricity monitors. efergy electricity monitors help you to instantly see how much energy you are using so you can take action to reduce it. Our range of energy saving products help to reduce the energy your use in your home every day. We’re also interested in helping you to save water. Our ShowerTime water saving timer and alarm helps you to understand how much water you use in the shower so you can reduce it.

All efergy Products are now avaiable at ECO Solutions
E2 Wireless Monitor
Elite Wireless Monitor
Remote Controlled Socket
Standby Eliminator
Energy Monitoring Socket

  • Why choose ECO Solutions?

    - environmentally friendly and affordable
    - easy to maintain
    - ecological and efficient
    - saving you money on your electricity and water bills