Floatron in Malta

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Floatron in Malta

Floatron. The Natural way to control algae in your pool.

Floatron is solar powered, portable, floating water purifier providing Clear and Healthy water with Ionization.  It is a very durable and also easy to use product.

By introducing atomic amounts of specific minerals into water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive. While these ions, or atoms, are completely safe and nontoxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot exist under their influence.


How floatron works:

When floating on the water, sunlight is converted into electricity by the advanced technology photovoltaic panel. This harmless, low power current energizes a specially alloyed mineral electrode below waterline, causing the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water. Ionized water, referred to as mineralized water, naturally and efficiently controls microorganism growth in your pool. The floatron costs virtually nothing to power and operate. SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND ECONOMICAL.

p_floatron_productThe floatron floating solar water purifier

A revolutionary concept, the floatron combines the eco-conscious value of solar power with the scientific breakthrough of pool water Ionization.

The Ionization process used by the Floatron naturally, economically, effectively, and safely controls all the harmful micro-organism growth in your pool… reducing toxic Chlorine and oxidizer use!

Reduces up to 80% of all the costly chemicals needed to kill unsafe algae and bacteria in your pool water – that also can cause serious damage to the earth’s delicate ecosystem.

And more importantly, according to a recent study by Greenpeace, exposure to Chlorine gas during swimming may result in several heightened human health concerns including neurological problems in children, breast cancer, deformities, and infertility. See Below*
So try a floatron… and enjoy the feel – and peace of mind – that comes with a naturally pure, chemically-free swimming pool!

p_floatron_product2INNOVATION – floatron’s exclusive process:

The floatron’s groundbreaking concept combines low-voltage solar electric power with the safe natural ionization purification process.

The unit performs as a free-floating device with an advanced-alloy ultra pure ionizing electrode that suspends below the waterline.

As sunlight is converted into electricity by the small light weight photovoltaic panel, the harmless low power current energizes an electrode, causing the release of mineral ions into the swimming pool’s surrounding water.

The ionized water, referred to as mineralized water, safely, naturally, and efficiently eliminates growth of micro-organisms.

Chlorine, which loses potency within hours of its application, also experiences a rapid and substantial loss of its performance during hot summer conditions, due to off-gassing evaporation.

Unlike chlorine, mineral ions produced by the floatron do not evaporate out, and actually become more effective during hot summer conditions. In fact, hotter outdoor temperatures greatly enhance the ionization purification process!

 Operational Manual PDF Format

The floatron's solar electrical component operates at ultra-low voltage, is double protected with a durable waterproof insulation permanently sealed inside a space-age polymer unit - with absolutely no possibility of an electric shock hazard.
The floatron is manufactured in the USA under strict quality controls; no moving parts assure long-lasting durability.
The floatron's ionization purification process is totally natural, completely safe and non-toxic to adults and young children.
Safe with even infants and pets! Will not change appearance, feel, smell, color, or cause cloudiness of the pool water.
The floatron's ionized water mineral levels are so safe, they fall within established EPA drinking water standards.
Ionized water provides welcome relief for allergy sufferers, and eliminates stinging eyes, burning skin irritations, odors, and bleaching of swimwear, along with the toxicity of high chemical concentrations associated with chlorine use.
Function: kills micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria.
Benefits: natural way to clean, clear and healthy swimming pool!

The floatron is designed to provide hassle-free management of both residential and light-duty commercial pools.
Functions effectively in both heated and unheated pools.
One floatron unit purifies approximately 35,000 gallons.
Also works well in salt water pools, softens hard water, maintains a stable pH, even good for fish ponds with circulation.

Allows up to 80% typical REDUCTION in costly chemicals!
Floatron is powered by the Sun's FREE energy!
The floatron costs virtually nothing to power and operate.
Do-it-yourself friendly start-up procedures and manual.
Mineral ions produced by floatron remain effective for weeks.
Makes pool maintenance a breeze; eliminates pool chores.
Continues to function even during vacation/holiday times.
Totally portable; easily moved from one location to another.
2-Year Factory Warranty; full coverage against factory.
Worldwide distribution for nearly 20 years.
Number one choice worldwide with tens of thousands units sold!
Note: Call for electrode replacement information.
Proper product selection supported by customer service agent.
Proper operation supported by solar engineer tech assistance.
Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support.

Constructed of space-age polymers which are weather, water, sunlight, and chemical resistant.
Incorporates highest efficiency photovoltaic cells available.
Product Manufacturer: Floatron, Inc
Note: Contaminants other than algae and bacteria naturally build-up in pool water such as air-born dust, suntan lotion, human body oils, etc. which are not controlled by the ionization process.
An accumulation of these contaminants will tend to cloud the water, therefore a small trace amount of chlorine or other oxidizers is necessary to dissolve them to maintain crystal clear conditions.
Other oxidizers that may be substituted are bromine, hydrogen peroxide, or oxygen based compounds, which are readily available at most pool supply stores.

Q: How much chlorine or other oxidizers are necessary after the pool water is fully ionized? A: Only a trace amount, [approx. 0.5 - barely detectable on a chlorine test kit] should be maintained to burn off contaminants. Q: Will other chemicals, such as algaecide, clarifier, stabilizer, etc. be necessary, or will shock treatment be required? A: Using the floatron allows the PH level to stabilize. No other chemicals are recommended, and your pool will not need to be shocked. The floatron works perfectly with trace chlorine only. Q: Will chlorine or other oxidizers still need to be added daily? A: Only once per week, or if the pool begins to cloud, add a very small amount of chlorine. An easy way to pro-actively control the accumulation of contaminants is to maintain a trace level of chlorine is to leave one tablet in the skimmer basket. Q: How does floatron affect pool pump operation? A: Operate pump and filter system during daylight hours when floatron is generating ions. This will allow proper mixing and circulation of the minerals. Pump operation is unnecessary and optional at night, and the unit can be left in the pool overnight. Q: Does any unit ever required maintenance? A: The only part requiring replacement is the sacrificial mineral electrode which will last approximately 1- 3 swimming seasons and takes only minutes to change. Replacement cost is minimal, with the approximate cost of the replacement electrode - Eur100.00 The floatron requires the weekly washing of electrodes - residue is excellent fertilizer on shrubs or lawn. *Complete start-up and operating instructions included.

Q: If floatrons work so well, why aren't they for sale in every pool store nation-wide? A: Since the floatron's natural ionization purification process drastically reduces chemical sales, and are a one-time purchase, most pool stores are reluctant to offer them. The motive... profit.
Floatron is the least expensive, most effective way to purify pool water available today, and selling floatrons to customers would dramatically reduce their high-profit chemical sales.
Q: How does floatron compare to other brands of ionizers? A: floatron is a finely tuned device which introduces ions slowly and steadily into the water. This constant trickle allows water to accept and react completely with the minerals. This is technically superior to any other ionizer in the world, all of which generate large amounts of mineral ions in a short period of time. Not only are these expensive units overpowered and bulky, they require professional installation and servicing. Additionally, complex electronic controllers can add to their unreliability and cost. Compactness and portability are unique to floatron.
Q: How does the floatron actually purify pool water? A: As atoms of the floatron's special mineral electrode are ionized, they scatter throughout the water.
These mineral ions exert a fatal influence on microscopic life forms. Experimentation by the University of Arizona proves that mineral ions, in conjunction with trace chlorine are 1,000 times more effective against algae than chlorine alone.
Once these minerals are dissolved into water, they remain for extended periods. Similar to salt in the ocean, ions do not evaporate, even under extreme, hot conditions.
Chlorine, however, is a very light element which tends to evaporate rapidly, especially in hot weather. This being the reason for larger chlorine doses in summer.
Q: What is scientific basis for Ionization? A: Ionization is the taking apart of a material, atom by atom. This process occurs in nature at all levels and is how water accumulates trace minerals which help maintain its purity.
Water purification by ionization has been practiced for thousands of years. By storing water in copper and silver containers, ancient Romans kept it fresh and free from algae and bacteria.
In floatron, a small electrical current supplied by a solar panel energizes the electrodes creating the electrochemical reaction.
Q: How important is eliminating Chlorine use? A: Sydney, Australia won the Olympic bid with the promise of "chlorine-free" Games. As a result, the Homebush Aquatic Centre, [the Olympic swimming venue] had ozone systems installed which were very expensive to install and costly to operate, just so the athletes would not have to swim in heavily chlorinated water.
Q: But are the minerals generated from floatron safe? A: The recommended concentration is about 1/3 the amount allowed by the American EPA for drinking water. Essentially, safe enough to drink!
Q: What is the service life of the floatron? A: This product is designed to last about as long as your pool!
The solar photovoltaic panel does not wear out. The sacrificial mineral electrode can be replaced as many times as necessary over the years.
Q: Does the floatron stay in the water all the time? A: 15,000 gallons and larger, probably most or all of the time [depending on local conditions]. Smaller pools part-time floating [e.g. few days in, few days out]. See instructions for full details.
Swimming while the floatron in the water is perfectly safe. It only measures 12 inches in diameter, so goes virtually unnoticed in a pool. Customer chooses whether to tether it, or let it free-float.
Q: What if the pool is covered? A: Simply fold back a corner of the cover, or cut a small cross to sit the electrode through. The floatron works the same, whether it is stationary, or free-floating.
Q: Will floatron work in a "freshwater" pool that already has a "saltwater" chlorine generator? A: Yes! Just use a lower setting on the saltwater chlorine generator.
Q: Will floatron work in a "saltwater" pool? A: Yes! It works the same as when used in a "freshwater" pool.
Q: Is the floatron safe and effective for ponds and fish? A: The floatron works well in all pond environment provided circulation exists to mix the ions thorough the body of water. The low concentration of minerals has proven to be completely compatible with all well known varieties of fish.
Q: Is the floatron effective for pools/spas inside glass atriums? A: No, the floatron doesn’t work through glass. *GreenPeace - Excerpts from Environmental Study on Chlorine
Disturbing recent studies show that chlorinated organics block the body’s natural hormones, especially the female hormone estrogen. Concern is growing among scientists, wildlife experts, and public health officials that this widely used chemical may cause serious problems in the environment, and in people!

Chlorine gas was used to kill soldiers during World War One.
Chlorine is used in making 96 percent of all toxic pesticides.
Chlorine compounds used to manufacture plastic and vinyl, dry-clean clothes, disinfect commercial and domestic laundry.
Toxicity is one of chlorine’s most effective properties: it kills insects and pests, dissolves dirt and grime on clothing, and it kills harmful bacteria in laundry and in hospitals.
Environmentalists charge that chlorinated compounds are rapidly destroying the ozone layer, and are slowly building up worldwide in the air, water, and food chain - and in our bodies, as well.
Scientific evidence implicates widespread health problems in people and wildlife, including infertility, impaired childhood development, immune system damage, and cancer.
Chlorine and its effects are proving similar to DDT and Asbestos, which were also initially thought to be harmless.
This is the same chemical we use to "purify" the water that we, and our loved ones - go swimming in...

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