Photovoltaic Systems

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Photovoltaic Systems

By installing a Solar PV system, you will become your own power generator.

Our Solar PV systems cause very little disruption because they are substantively installed outside the house or on your roof. Due to recent changes in planning regulations, they are even easier to install than ever before. We can install solar systems either on your roof or stand-alone on a ground mounted structure.


Our PV systems are grid-connected so do not require any battery. The solar array generates DC current by day which is converted to AC current and then fed back into the house’s electrical network. Presuming that there are some appliances in the house in operation, the electricity generated is used effectively to power these directly. Any surplus is exported back into the grid through an export meter, for which you receive payment or credit according to the tariff you have chosen. You hence become a buyer and seller of electricity, exporting power available by day through your solar system, and importing by night from the grid.

For optimum performance the solar panels should be sited south facing and at an appropriate angle to maximise their energy output on an average annualised basis.

Once installed, PV systems need minimal maintenance. They are silent, have no moving parts, no gas emissions or dangerous by-products.

An interesting additional benefit from installing a PV system is that householders will typically modify further their behaviour by being much more aware of their energy consumption, especially with the aid of easy data monitoring, so end up using even less electricity.

  • Why choose ECO Solutions?

    - environmentally friendly and affordable
    - easy to maintain
    - ecological and efficient
    - saving you money on your electricity and water bills