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Solar Feed-In Tariff

What is a feed-in tariff?
A feed-in tariff is a tariff which is paid to a producer of electricity for the amount of electricity generated and exported to the electricity grid.

The feed-in tariffs for electricity produced by solar photovoltaic systems (PV systems) were introduced for the first time on the 10thSeptember 2010. Prior to this date, PV systems were being connected and electricity sent to the grid was compensated through a net metering arrangement.  This latter arrangement is no longer an option for any PV system approved after the 10th September 2010 of July, 2010, Government announced a feed‐in tariff scheme for electricity produced through photovoltaic systems. Since their first introduction in September 2010 various feed-in tariff schemes were introduced through amendments to the Feed-in tariff Regulations.

You can find more information on the history of feed-in tariffs since September 2010 through: FIT Schemes Table update

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