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Solar Water Heaters


With Schüco, the sun’s energy can be used to generate heat in every home. You can permanently reduce your heating costs while at the same time increasing the value and desirability of your property.

Producing domestic hot water for showers, baths and hot taps makes up a significant percentage of any households energy use. Even throughout winter’s months, solar water heating can meet around half of your annual domestic hot water demand. While both technologies compliment one another, be careful not to confuse solar water heating panels with solar photovoltaic technology

How does it work?
Solar water heating set-ups consist of three major componants

1) One or more solar collectors. Typically these consist of tubes or panels, usually roof mounted.
2) A water pump managed by a controller module.
3) A hot water cylinder with a twin-coil cylinder, sometimes with multiple inputs.

Once the fluid in the collator is sufficiently warmed, the controller is programmed to automatically circulate fluid to the coil and heat cylinder. This cylinder will usually have more than one input, so that in cases of extreme weather, it can be used in conjuction with a conventional boiler, or from a renewable energy option such as a biosmass boiler or heat pump.

How many panels or tubes will I need?
Generally, you’ll need about 1 square meter of tubing per person to give you enough hot water throughout the summer. For panels, this usually means one panel per small household, or two for a large household.

However, we assess each installation individually to ensure that the panels and cylinders are sized accordingly. We’ll learn about your hot water use and design a system that meets your needs.

For more details on our range of Solar Water Heaters, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online form, or call us today on xxx-xxx-xxx

*placeholder image - need pics of the actual product

*placeholder image - need pics of the actual product